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Mark McKenna
September 18, 2012 | Mark McKenna

Here Come the Reds!

Picked some incredible Cabernet Franc out of the Byecroft Vineyard in El Dorado County today.  Literally some of the prettiest and most well cared for grapes I've seen in a long time.  Margaret and Bill do an amazing job day in and day out all year long. They are the type of growers that when I pull up unannounced to walk the vineyard, I go out to the vineyard instead of up to the house, because I know more likely than not, that's where they will be.  Every day, all day.  A beautiful and challenging way to spend your life. 

Sampled the Oakmont and  Baartman Vineyards today.  Seems like it is way too early in the season to be looking at Barbera, but every year is different and those two fields are coming on strong.  The acids are a touch strong but my goodness grapes are tasting great this year.


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