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Mark McKenna
February 17, 2016 | Mark McKenna

Island Time

I just returned from a sales and wine club trip to Hawaii and it was a great reminder of why we make so many darn wines. The wines that were deliciously appropriate in the 40 degree rainy weather when I left California were certainly not the same ones that were appealing in the sun and sand (and humidity!) of Hawaii. Why every restaurant in Hawaii is not carrying Andis Sèmillon is a mystery to me and a current life goal!! : )

It's funny how much you learn about your own creations when experiencing them in a different environment.  Here in California I love the Sèmillon for its weight on the palate and the low tones of fig and beeswax in the aromatics. In Hawaii I love the floral, white flower aromas and the refreshing crispness when it hits your palate.  It's fun to see the same wine in such different facets, like seeing a painting or photograph you know well and love under different light. Context changes things.

The other great discovery on this trip was that Cabernet Franc is back and back in a big way. We've made Cabernet Franc since the inception of Andis and the truth is we always had a bear of a time getting people interested in it. We source the fruit from an amazing, high elevation vineyard and age it in our concrete egg tank; it's one of our most beloved wines. That said, you gotta sell the stuff! It got to the point last year that Jenae and I recommended to Andy that we discontinue the program.  : (

Andy’s response was classic:

Andy: But it’s good wine

Jeane and Mark: For sure

Andy: Then why would we stop making it?  People will come around.

Sure enough they did! Starting in December, sales of the Cabernet Franc have skyrocketed and all the cool kid bloggers are posting stories about how Cab Franc is THE wine for 2016. So many other producers had already given up hope that we found ourselves in the fantastic position of being one of the very few belles left at the ball. Proof yet again that perseverance and a dedication to great wine generally pays off in the end.


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