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Mark McKenna
May 1, 2014 | Mark McKenna

Oh The Places You'll Go!

The View From CanlisThe very first bottle of wine Andis ever sold was to our good friend and neighbor, Isy Borjon. He came into the tasting room 5 minutes after we opened for the very first day and bought a bottle of Barbera, took it back home and drank it with his family that afternoon. 
With every bottle of wine opened and enjoyed, a small story is lived - a relaxing evening, a beautiful afternoon at the winery, a date night, a memorable dinner. That first bottle, that first story, is a perfect way to begin. Here, almost 4 years later, there have been over 150,000 of those small stories lived while enjoying a bottle of Andis wine. We've heard some of those stories from across the globe – pictures of Andis in Egypt, Africa, Mexico, South America, and Europe (check out our Fan Page). It's just amazing all the places and all the stories those bottles have been a part of. 
Last week Andy and I were in Seattle pouring the wines at Canlis (view from Canlis at right), one of the truly great restaurants, not just in Seattle but anywhere in the United States. They were gracious enough to add our Semillon and Grenache to their wine list. Now Andis will be represented alongside some of the most amazing wines on the planet. Next week we'll be in New York City pouring at a few of the most incredible restaurants there – such a privilege.    
We feel so fortunate that people have enjoyed the wines so much and made us a part of their lives. It all started with one bottle, who knows where it can go from here!


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