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Curry Fried Rice with Cranberries

Curry Fried Rice with Cranberries
Recipe Date:
July 4, 2013
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsps Kaiulani's Exotic Curry (available at Andis Wines)
  • 1 tbsp garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 tbsps cilantro leaves & stems, chopped separately
  • 2 cups jasmine rice, cooked
  • 2 tbsps cranberries or raisins
  • 1/2 cup green onion stalks, sliced small

1. Heat olive oil in a pan, add garlic, Kaiulani's Curry, cilantro stems and cranberries. Cook until garlic is done.

2. Add cooked rice and mix well. If rice is not a golden color, keep adding more curry until it's the color of sunflower.

3. Add green onions and cilantro leaves to the rice and mix again. Adjust seasoning to taste.

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