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Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait
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Paper collaged Portraits of your pet are done on 10”x10”x1” wood panels with sides painted
black. Paper collage will be sealed with uv protection to prevent fading of inks.
Panel will have ready-to-hang wire on back.

Turn around time estimated at two weeks minimum, with pick up on Anjeʼs
scheduled class days ( see events schedule). This means you must place your
order up to 2 weeks before Anjeʼs next scheduled class. If you cannot do this,
you will need to plan to pick it up at the following scheduled class date.

E-mail Anje a single portrait of your pet to - anjeolmstead1011@gmail.com

March 6th photo due for pick-up on March 21st.
March 27th photo due for pick-up on April 11th.
May 1st photo due for pick-up on May 17th.