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Vine to Wine Vineyard Tours

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/ Sun, September 19 11am-12pm CLUB ANDIS MEMBERS
SKU: VineyardTour9/19/21-11am,CLUB
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/ Sun, September 19, 11am-12pm
SKU: VineyardTour9/19/21-11am
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/ Sunday, July 18, 11am CLUB
SKU: VineyardTour7/18/21CLUB
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/ Sunday, July 18, 11am
SKU: VineyardTour7/18/21
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/ Sunday, August 15, 11am CLUB
SKU: VineyardTour8/15/21CLUB
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/ Sunday, August 15, 2020 11am
SKU: VineyardTour8/15/21
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/ 1pm-2pm
SKU: VineyardTour

Andis Wines Founding Partner, Janis Akuna will be hosting tours on the third Sunday of every month. Discuss the seasonal changes in the vineyard, sustainability practices in winemaking, differences in varietals, and much more. Stroll through different estate varietals while visiting tasting stations along the way.  The tour concludes in our fermentation and barrel room. We provide everything you need to know about vineyard farming practices and the development of your favorite Andis Wines.

SUNDAY, JUNE 20th at 11am - FATHER'S DAY!

SUNDAY, JUNE 20th at 1pm - FATHER'S DAY!
SUNDAY, JULY 18th at 1pm
SUNDAY, AUGUST 15th at 1pm 

$30.00/person, $15 for Club Andis members
$15 waived with three bottle purchase!
Wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes! 
10 guests maximum per tour.
No children under 21 years old, no dogs allowed on tour.