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Janis Akuna
March 25, 2024 | Janis Akuna

Celebrating Women in Wine Day

It’s been said that to love life, we must love the people we’re with, love the place we are located, and love what we do. I can truly say that Andis Wines provides the kind of love that fits it all. 

A highly regarded wine consultant once told me that making wine with love makes a better wine. I believe our wines reflect that and it’s all because of the people behind it ~ whether it’s sales, managing our books, event planning, working in the cellar or vineyard. 

My vision as co-founder and CEO was to create an inclusive environment. I think what makes our team so exceptional is their diverse walks of life. 

Our team expanded this past year. As we finalized interviews, it suddenly occurred to me the talents we chose were all women. In an industry with so few of us working in it (seems odd, but true), it also occurred to me that not only are we a majority woman-owned winery, but most of our team members are also women.

So I’d like to raise a glass to the women of Andis Wines. The ones who stand out to us. Some seasoned professionals, some just starting out. 

Then I couldn’t help but ask, with so many wineries to choose from, why us? Here’s what they said.

Jenae, CFO/Partner

“We have the greatest people all working together to make incredible wines and provide exceptional experiences for our guests. The winery would not exist without our awesome team. And getting to drink some really good wine is always a nice perk!”

Natalie, Regional Sales Representative

“I love seeing people tasting our wines for the first time. Everyone loves it! Selling Andis Wines is super easy. Andis has a great story, great people and great wine. What’s not to love about it?”

Shannon, Marketing Manager

“Having been raise in Amador County, I have a deep-rooted passion for promoting our area through travel and wine tastings. I found a place with Andis, where not only are my ideas valued, they’re also transformed into reality.”

Nicole, Tasting Room Manager

“I love how we have the freedom here to share our favorites off the tasting menu with our guests. Working with the owners every day is a huge plus. Not a bad gig working where the wine is delicious too! Oh, and the view…”

Caitlyn Shipley, Harvest Intern

“I’m learning every day. I also love how inclusive it is here. Everyone has been very supportive and I’ve developed wonderful relationships.”

Sarah Cross, Cellar Intern

“I believe that farming and winemaking go hand in hand with the ‘farm to fork’ philosophy and hope to spearhead Andis’ environmentally-friendly certification. After working at other places in all aspects of the wine business, the people at Andis are definitely the most supportive of what I hope to achieve.


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