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Janis Akuna
December 27, 2023 | Janis Akuna

Unveiling the Artistry: Andis Wines' Pursuit of European-Style Blends

In the vast world of winemaking, the art of blending is akin to composing a symphony, where each note contributes to a harmonious masterpiece. While blends may not be as universally celebrated in the United States as they are in Europe, Andis Wines stands as a testament to the power of patience, talent, and expertise in crafting European-style blends that rival the revered Bordeauxs' of the Old World.

The Andis Approach to Blending

Our winemaking team understands that the secret to creating exceptional blends lies in the meticulous sampling of individual barrels. Each barrel holds a unique varietal, and the journey begins by understanding the nuances of each ~ exploring the delicate dance between acidity, fruit, and tannins.

Balancing Act: From Vineyard to Barrel

The journey starts in our vineyards, where grapes of different varietals thrive under the California sun. Our winemakers have a deep understanding of European winemaking traditions ~ carefully handpicking grapes at their ideal ripeness. Once harvested, these grapes embark on their transformational journey.

As the grapes make their way to the cellar, they find themselves nestled in individual barrels, each contributing its own character to the final blend. Our winemaking team, armed with a passion for perfection, dedicates time to sample and analyze each barrel, seeking the elusive balance that defines a European-style blend.

Sampling the Essence: A Journey Through Barrels

Sampling individual barrels is an art form at Andis Wines. Our winemakers immerse themselves in the task of understanding the personality of each varietal. This process demands patience, a discerning palate, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Harmony in Every Sip: European-Style Blends Unveiled

We take pride in crafting wines that echo the sophistication and balance found in the great Bordeauxs of Europe. The blending process is a labor of love, and the resulting European-style blends are a testament to the dedication of our winemaking team.

Wine enthusiasts will experience the best of both worlds within each of our blends ~ the boldness of California grapes intertwined with the elegance of European craftsmanship. Each bottle tells a story of meticulous blending, where the final product is greater than the sum of its parts.

Visit our tasting room to sample the fruits of our labor and discover the magic that happens when talent, time, and tradition converge in a glass. 











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Shannon Landis
April 4, 2023 | Shannon Landis

Spring Releases ~ Succulento & Arinto



Help us pop the cork on Andis Wines first ever Charmat-method sparkling wine ~ A Brut Rosé of Barbera. Join us for the tasting celebration along with the release of our latest Arinto on Saturday, April 8th.

Our Italian partner, Lorenzo Muslia, coined the name Succulento, which in Italian means 'juicy and delectable' ~ like biting into a red delicious apple.

This inaugural sparkling wine follows up with notes of tart cherry. A combination of 30% barrel aging and partial malolactic fermentation creates warm toasty notes on the finish. The bubbles, created naturally in the traditional Charmat style, are soft on the palate. This sparkling drinks like a French Rosé. Pair with decadent foods from lobster to caviar.

From Master Class

Because Charmat method sparkling wines are bottled directly after secondary fermentation without additional aging, the wines have a fresh fruit character. This makes the Charmat method ideal for wines made from aromatic grape varieties like moscato and riesling. The technique will help retain the grapes’ aromas more than the traditional method, which introduces more nutty, toasty flavors from aging on the wine’s lees (dead yeast cells from fermentation).

Wines carbonated via the Charmat method have two to four atmospheres of pressure, which means that they have softer carbonation than wines made in the traditional method (which have five to seven atmospheres of pressure). Charmat method wines are filtered, so there is never any sediment in the bottle and the wines are crystal clear.

Arinto - Portuguese varietal often used in Vinho Verde (Portuguese white wine blend)

Our co-founder, Andy Friendlander, has been a fan of Vinho Verde for years and was seeking a way to produce it at Andis. Long time friend, Darrell Corti, suggested planting Arinto, one of the six varietals commonly blended in Vinho Verde.

As fate would have it, avid travelers and foodies, George and Wendy Rab, decided to retire in Amador County and purchased property just down the road from Andis Wines. Vinho Verde fans themselves, the Rabs were easily persuaded to plant Arinto on the rocky ridge of their property. 

Now known as the Ionian Vineyard, their entire two acre vineyard is dedicated to planting and growing Arinto exclusively for Andis Wines. You can often spot Andy and the Rabs enjoying a glass of Andis Arinto on the winery patio.

A foodies ultimate dream white wine. Bone dry, Arinto’s bright acidity and pops of citrus pair perfectly with richer seafood, scallops, lobster or fresh pasta in cream sauce.

Fun Facts

From Wine Folly, “Arinto: Also called “Pederna,” it is arguably Portugal’s finest white grape. Expect juicy melon and citrus with some bitter notes on the finish. Great examples can age 7+ years!” 

Arinto grows in a naturally hilly region in Northern Portugal similar to the terrain of the Sierra Foothills.

Join us as we taste both these wines on April 8th with Cousins Maine Lobster from 11am to 4pm.

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