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Janis Akuna
April 12, 2023 | Janis Akuna

Mustard Plants Blooming

It must be Spring! Just look at the bright yellow fields full of mustard blooms in the vineyard. 

The Andis vineyards have never looked so beautiful with the ground cover throughout. As mentioned in my previous blog, ground cover or cover crops can be beneficial in replacing nutrients. But what about mustard plants? While mustard plants do not return vine nutrients back to the soil, they do provide biofumigation, which suppresses various soil pathogens.

Typically mustard plants are used in vineyards to suppress nematodes, a microscopic worm that infect vine roots. Nematode infection will ultimately lead to low grape production and severe vine damage. Mustard plants produce a biofumigate called glucosinolate that deter damaging nematodes.

Later in Spring, the cover crops are turned, giving beneficial mulch to the soils.

So come visit us at Andis Wines and enjoy the beautiful view of our yellow vineyards while you can! 


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