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Janis Akuna
February 14, 2023 | Janis Akuna

The Story Behind Painted Fields

When trying to find a name for the winery, our family, friends, contractors, advertising agency, and almost everyone we knew had suggestions. From over 75 potential names, including Painted Fields, we narrowed it down to a dozen appropriate names based on our ideas of wanting a wine that was elegant, timeless, and delicious.

I felt strongly we find a name that started with an “A”, as the name would show up alphabetically at the head of the list and would be easy to find in a long list of wineries. Ultimately, Andy and I decided on Andis Wines, a combination of both our names, as well as one that starts with an “A”.

But with such idyllic scenery and beautiful rolling hills, everyone involved still loved the name Painted Fields, which was the name submitted by Paul Almond and Pam Whitehead of Sage Architects, who designed the Andis Wines building and tasting room. Painted Fields is a beautiful name and was one of the remaining narrowed down names. The name even inspired renowned Hawaiian artist Kelly Sueda to come up with the Painted Fields label design.

Today, Painted Fields has become a known wine brand, producing wines that are popular and delicious. The Painted Fields brand includes wines named “Painted Fields Curse of Knowledge”, a rich Bordeaux style blend, “Painted Fields Cuvee Blanc”, a delicious light, white blend, and “Painted Fields Old Vine Zinfandel”, a blend of Zinfandel grapes taken from some of the oldest vines in the Foothills. We are pleased that Painted Fields has become so popular.


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